Goose Pimples



By Joel Dunn

When was the last time you were truly inspired? I mean in like a “Wow…I have goose pimples” kind of way? (Yes, goose pimples.)

I ask that question a lot in ministry because I know I tend to always be pointing people to inspiration; but I rarely take time personally to be inspired. Going into a 30 Hour Famine is inspiring, but can be draining with all of the prep work involved. I will promise this though: at the end of your 30 Hour Famine you will truly experience something inspirational with your group.

But before your 30 Hour Famine I want to invite you (not challenge you, because you already have enough challenges on your plate) to go visit somewhere new. Seek inspiration by going somewhere you haven’t been before: like a new restaurant, or an art gallery, or a hipster coffee shop, or a mountain trail, or laser tag (without students!).

It is amazing what visiting a different part of your city or state can do for one’s soul as preparation before a 30 Hour Famine. It is a reminder that inspiration is constantly around us. So Go Explore! Be inspired! And remind yourself what Goose Pimples (ok, goose bumps, for those of you who insist on that) feel like.