Vision: Do You See What I See?



By Mike Cunningham

Vision Leaks. Like a leaky faucet. It’s a slow drip: and when you focus on the drops hitting the ground, it can quickly lead to insanity. When is someone going to shut that off? Can someone please fix it? I cannot take it anymore!

Okay, I am being a little overdramatic, but not by much. Getting others to catch a vision and then motivating them to live it out is difficult. I read something the other day about vision and leadership and the author made the point that, as leaders, we need to get comfortable with sounding like a broken record. The former disc jockey in me thought to myself, “That sounds awful.” Why would I want to torture anyone with that noise.

The truth is when we get to a point of sounding like a broken record in our vision casting, it’s about the same time that people are just beginning to understand the vision. Vision takes time, it takes grace, it takes stepping into the unknown. Vision is simply, “The ability to see what could be, followed by the conviction that it should be.”

Our youth group has so many talented kids with so much potential to change our city. Here is what we are going to do to bring that to reality.

My family dynamic is messed up, but if we learn to love each other firs,t it could change everythin;g and here’s what must take place to make that happen.

My marriage could be so much healthier if I began to make it more about my spouse than myself. I have to make some changes.

As leaders, we tend to see the vision and we are convicted to do something about it. But what about our students? What about the people we lead week in and week out? What if they have trouble seeing what you see? What if they lack conviction — not because they are less passionate than us, but because they cannot see what we see yet.

One of our main responsibilities is to help raise the awareness of what God is already doing in our midst. God is already up to something and it’s our role to help our students see that and respond. The reality is it’s hard for us to raise other people’s awareness levels if we lack awareness in our own life.

How would you answer this question: “What is God currently inviting me to do and what am I doing about it?” If you cannot answer that question, you lack awareness.

30 Hour Famine is a vision. Go hungry to help hungry kids. That’s simple and practical. It helps us and our students see the most basic of human needs. It raises our awareness. It helps us see a picture of what could be. All we need to ask ourselves is, “Do we have the conviction that things shouldn’t be the way they are?” Could we help hungry kids get food? Absolutely. Should we help hungry kids get food? How you respond is connected to vision.