3 Ways to Get Through 30 Hours



by John Denton

As a teenager I loved participating in the 30 Hour Famine. As a Youth Director I learned that to create an event youth love, you need to plan and intentionality. While planning for the 30 Hour Famine you face the same issues that you do while planning a lock in, just with no pizza or broom ball. 30 hours is a lot of time to program. This can be scary but is actually one of the greatest aspects of the 30 Hour Famine. You have 30 hours to learn from each other, serve others, and share thoughts.

One of the easiest programing mistakes you can make is filling your schedule with lots of small 15-minute activities. Another mistake is having a small activity that could take 5 minutes filling an hour time block. These errors can leave you facing hour long programing gaps and trying to save your students from boredom.

Here are 3 ideas to get you through 30 hours:

Friday Night Fundraiser 

A Friday Night Fundraiser could be a concert, or a dinner and silent auction. The goal of the Friday night event is to get your youth involved in a fun event for your church community or the community at large. This event also can raise money and awareness for the 30 Hour Famine.

Saturday Morning Work Project

Nothing says 30 Hour Famine like a great work project. Call your local food bank today and book your famine work project before someone else beats you to it. A food scavenger hunt could also a great use of your morning. Divide your group in teams, give them grocery bags, shopping list, famine facts, and send them into the neighborhood around your church to go door to door collecting food. This is fun and helps spread knowledge to your local community.

Saturday Afternoon Service Project

Ending Saturday serving others is a great way to close out your famine. If you did the food scavenger hunt you can take the collected food with you and donate it to a shelter or food bank. This will be instant gratification for your group. Start searching out a homeless shelter or even an area in your community where homeless people congregate.

These three 4 hour projects will make your event memorable and ensure there is limited lag or downtime. The remaining downtime will be easily filled with discussion and small activates. With the help of these three ideas you will be left searching for extra time. I encourage you to think big, to look at ways you can impact your neighborhood and to impact those in need.