Giving and Showing Thanks



By Dan Kiefer

The month of November is usually a time where we reflect and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. So, allow me to share something with you that I have recently been challenged with in my own life and ministry. Philippians 1:3 says, “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” I have been challenged to not only give thanks to God this month, but to also take an additional step and express my gratitude and thanks to the people I am thankful for in my ministry.

There is absolutely no way I could do all that our ministry does for students by myself. Our children and student ministries HEAVILY depends on volunteers. From Nursery workers, Kids Church volunteers, Sunday School teachers, Kids Ministry volunteers and Youth Ministry volunteers, we have over 100 volunteers giving their time to serve in our church on an average weekend. I am extremely grateful for each one of them (especially those changing diapers!); but when was the last time that I showed them my appreciation? So I have challenged myself to hand write a thank you card to each of them.

We do things periodically for our volunteers to show them our appreciation from the church staff, but this is something different. I want to personally thank each one, expressing how I specifically value them and the time they volunteer to the ministry of our church. Paul in his letter to the Philippians specifically expressed why he was thankful for the people of that church, and I believe I should do the same thing in my ministry.

It doesn’t take long to write a personal thank you card to someone, but it will go a long way to encouraging them in their own ministry. So how do you show your appreciation to those who volunteer in your ministries? What creative ways do you express your thanks to your volunteers?

And while I have your attention: Thank You for all you do in the lives of children, students and adults in your ministry.