Will You Be My Val…Oh Wait! It’s Famine-time!


By Amanda Leavitt

What do February 24th and April 28th have in common? Well first, they both have a number two in them. Which is two true (ha-ha-ha…soo punny!), and not a very informative answer. The more helpful answer is this: both dates are the first day of the National Dates for 30 Hour Famine.

If you were wondering how 2017 is suddenly upon you, there’s a good chance you will also be shocked when you miss the beginning of February altogether also. It could happen because you may be disoriented from all the pink and red of Valentine’s Day and the warm fuzzy feelings that perforated Valentine cards and low quality chocolate give you.  And then, February 24th will jump out in front of you with jazz hands, all like “AH-HA, I’m heee—eerrrre!” And then you will think “Oh man, time travel is real…How’d I get here?” It happens to the best of us, even the ones who look at their day planners every day.

Time can dupe you, and the 30 Hour Famine is coming — quickly. You may want your youth ministry to be a part of it. You might be super stoked about getting your free Famine Kit filled with goodies to make your students’ experience of fasting to feed hungry people even more meaningful. The idea of your students learning about and being empowered to care for the world with the heart of Jesus and in turn having their hearts changed forever may have your heart glowing. Or, you may be one of the ones thinking “Oh yes! Oh wow! I can’t wait to hang out with hungry teenagers all night and day!” And God bless you.

Whether you were thinking about the 30 Hour Famine or weren’t thinking about it at all because you are still struggling to write “2017” at the end of the date, the 30 Hour Famine national dates are February 24th and April 28th this year, and right now it is a perfect time to register and begin planning! You can also set your own date if your schedule won’t work for either official date!

So, ward off the side effects of New Year’s disorientation and the Valentine’s time travel illusion. Register here to partner with World Vision to fight world hunger together!