Post 30 Hour Famine Success


By John Denton

Hundreds of groups are gearing up to hold their 30 Hour Famine event this coming weekend during the 2nd National Date. Whether that’s you, or you completed a Famine event recently, here are some practical thoughts about what to do after your event…

So you had a great 30 Hour Famine? Your students raised money. Youth were involved in serving your community. You helped bring awareness to world hunger. Everyone had fun and no one got hurt! Let’s consider it a success. Congratulations and thank you. Here are a few great ideas to help you maintain that momentum after your big Famine weekend.

  1. Keep your youth updated. It is easy to let this weekend pass and let all of the good vibes of helping others fade away. Not this year! Every time you meet for your main program or ministry take a minute to update your youth about some aspect of World Vision’s work around the world involving your Famine funds. Make it your “weekly Famine minute” or “Famine fact.” Keep your group in the loop and informed all year long. (By the way, the 30 Hour Famine blog always has links to great resources for this purpose. And if you’re in the 30 Hour Famine Facebook group, you’ll always see links to these stories.)
  2. Keep on serving. Food banks, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters are open year ‘round. Your neighbors need help no matter what weekend it is. Get your group active in the community. It was so much fun helping others over the 30 Hour Famine weekend and we are sure that positive energy will keep on rolling all year long. Make a commitment to take part in one community outreach project each month.
  3. Keep on supporting. Your group can sponsor a World Vision child for $39 a month! That’s probably less than they spent on Unicorn Frappuccino’s last week! Teach your youth about good stewardship and learning how to use their money for good work. This will change a child’s life and it will change the focus of your group. Click here to learn more about sponsorship.

My last piece of advice is simple. Keep on making memories. The Famine weekend was taxing on your body and you ate one less slice of pizza this week. The youth loved it. They learned, their perspectives were changed, and they helped change lives. Keep those memories alive. I am by no means a veteran youth worker but I do know that in my 15 years of ministry my favorite memories are from the 30 Hour Famine. Thank you for keeping on.

Note from the Famine team: This coming weekend is the second 30 Hour Famine National Date, and hundreds of groups across the country are hosting their events. We want to make sure you know a couple things: First, we are praying for you (really – by name). And second, we are available to you if you need any help or have questions – just call 800.7FAMINE.