Crockpot Ministry in a Microwave World


By Joel Dunn

FASTER!!! QUICKER!!! HURRY!!! That’s what my brain is constantly telling my body. I need to do this faster so that I can do more. I need to be quicker at that thing so that I can fit more in; and I need to hurry so that I can run to that next thing. Do you ever feel like this? Well… STOP.

The End.

Ha-ha! I wish it were that simple, but it’s obviously not.

I would, however, like to I take a moment to encourage you. I know you have a busy, crazy, overstretched schedule. But have you recently been able to take a break, and breathe, even have a moment for yourself?

This year God was telling me to slow down. And after being diagnosed with some health issues God (gently) forced me to slow down. I was burning the candle at both ends for too long and the people closest around me and my body were affected by it. These past couple of months have really reminded me to take breaks, to play with my daughters more, to love my wife better, and to lean on people as a tribe and church! God showed me how to slow down and to really “slow cook” an amazing feast for my soul instead of “zap-frying” sustenance just so I could fit one more thing in my life.

So: when was the last time you to took a moment… to breathe… to spend real time with the people around you… to marinate in God’s love… to have crockpot relationships? I want to encourage you as you head into a summer of ministry (and many of you are just recovering from a 30 Hour Famine event!) to make room. Take the time, the moment, the breath that you need to so that you can go into your next ministry season knowing you’re not “zap-frying” ministry, but that you’re slow cooking a glorious feast and that all are welcomed to your table.