To the Worn-Out Youth Worker: Don’t Give Up


By Jeff Lowry

Psst! Hey you! Yeah you! I want to take a minute to share something with you: Don’t give up. That’s right, don’t give up on youth ministry. I know you may have thought about it, because most of us have. I get it, youth ministry is hard. Most senior pastors, deacons and elders would probably disagree, but that’s another blog altogether.

This one is for you, the unsung heroes of the church world. You may never share a stage with a Duffy Robbins or a Doug Fields, but listen up: You Are Important. One more time, you are important. You are fulfilling a calling God placed on you, that only you can fulfill. Don’t forget that.

I know you are just wrapping up a difficult school year and you might be considering throwing in the towel. Don’t. We’ve all been there, just waiting for the school year to be done so that we could use a logical break to step away. Many of us have. But don’t. Because many of those who stepped away regretted it.

Or maybe you have had a difficult scenario play out in your ministry: lies, deceit and all kinds of nasty have been a daily thing for you. Some of it coming from the staff and leadership you serve with, some of it from students and parents who you thought loved you. And you want to hang it all up. Don’t. Leave a toxic environment, sure, but don’t quit on your calling.

God called you to this. God believes in you. God has given you abilities that most will never understand. The patience for the kid who tries your patience every chance they get. The love for that student who seems unlovable to the rest of the world. The ability to function on three hours sleep for an entire weekend retreat. The stomach for pizza and Mountain Dew at one in the morning while a group of students wrestle with a truth. The ability to wake up instantly when a 3am distress phone call or text comes in from a student or parent.

These things are why you can’t quit. Those faces around you, that’s why you can’t quit. Those teenagers that came to mind as each of those scenarios was laid out is why you can’t quit. Because there is work to do: that’s why you can’t quit. You are a Youth Worker, that’s the closest thing the church world has to a superhero! So pull up your stretchy superhero suit, tie on your cape and stay in the fight!