24 Years of Bill


Dan Berggren, 30 Hour Famine Staff

This last week, I was blown away. Why I was will surprise you.

God moments. Mountaintop moments. I want more of those…moments. Don’t you? Often, it’s those experiences that shape our lives and provide us with the stories we tell friends and family. Sometimes the 30 Hour Famine can have God moments or mountaintop moments. We should treasure them. What about the rest of the…moments? Do they matter and can they matter as much?

This past week, I was asked to attend the “#ThanksBill” party celebrating 24 years of Bill Henneberg (First Mennonite Brethren of Wichita, KS) leading junior high ministry and doing the 30 Hour Famine for all 24 years. We added up their total donations raised and how many children around the world were fed and impacted and it was staggering. Simply incredible.

I’ve been thinking about the event since and what deeply impacted me was the faithfulness of Bill. Many people got up and talked about how he changed their life for the better, by simply being in their life. Simple acts of kindness for 24 years. I’m sure there were plenty of God and mountaintop moments, but it was his ministry of presence that will be my lasting memory of the event. By engaging with them, he asked them to be a part of a journey with him and with Jesus. Bill’s faithfulness changed the lives of so many in Wichita through his ministry as well as around the world through the 30 Hour Famine. I was blown away by the God-used impact of Bill’s presence because of God’s presence in his own life.

What, in your journey, takes you to a place where you are “blown away?”

Thank you Bill. Thank you to all of you in youth ministry. Thank you for your presence in the lives of so many for Jesus. I’m blown away.