I Hate Fall


By Dan Berggren, outgoing 30 Hour Famine program director

I hate Fall.

It’s nothing against Fall, it’s more about grieving the loss of summer. I live in Seattle. It rains in Seattle…a lot. If you live here, you know it’s a thing.

Change happens and Fall arrives no matter how much I want summer to last. However, it also brings renewal. New students, new programs, new parents, new volunteers. There is so much change in the Fall and it’s good.

This Fall also brings a change for me personally. God has called me to a new role at World Vision. I’m heartbroken and excited at the same time. Excited to grow with a new opportunity. Heartbroken for leaving the 30 Hour Famine, students and leaders that I’ve grown to love over the past 5 ½ years. You all are a crew of crazy, coffee-drinking, snarky t-shirt wearing, flip flop lovin’, pizza eating, late-night planners. You’re also the most generous, caring, risk-taking, thoughtful and loving people that I’ve ever known.

I’m ecstatic for you and the 30 Hour Famine in 2018! As I write this, we’re wrapping up the brand-new resources and they are incredible. The new materials have an awesome curriculum leading up to and post-Famine to prepare your students for the Famine like never before. There are new games and new videos that will expose you to young lives around the world in ways that will both shock you and bring you out of your seat! Most importantly, it will impact your students in deeper and more meaningful ways and that flat out gets me off-the-charts excited! I’m in for big changes in 2018 and so are you and your students with a brand-new set of 2018 resources…BE HUNGRY!

I simply can’t thank you enough for loving and pouring yourselves into the lives of your students. I love you all.