Who Will Lead Us?


By Shawn Kiger

A few weeks ago while I was eating my cereal one morning, I turned on the TV, and the news was on. Usually in the morning I watch SportsCenter; but this morning I just left it on the news. In case you didn’t know, there seems to be a divide in our country, and more and more people are taking sides. If you scroll through social media, usually both sides are not very nice to each other. Lots of name calling and blame to go around, even by our political leaders. But the reporter on TV that morning had an interesting question that got me thinking. The question was, “Who is going to lead us to come together when there is so much distrust in our political leaders on both sides?” The country is so polarized politically no one trusts anyone from the other side. So if we are ever going to come together, who is going to lead us?

I think for us, as Christians, the answer should be easy. The church should be leading the way, and in some ways, I think we’re doing just that. Every Sunday during worship this is easy to see. My church (and probably most churches) has many people that would fall on each side of the political divide. But on Sunday morning, you would not be able to tell. We come together to worship God. We put our differences aside to sing, pray, give, and learn. When there are people in need in our community, we never ask who they voted for.  We only ask how we can help. God created the church to bring people together for one purpose: to love and serve our God and our neighbor. That is still the mission today and is so needed in our country. But for the church to lead the way in bringing our country together, we must model what we do on Sundays every day of the week. We must model what we do in worship when we are on social media, when we are talking to our friends about the other side, and in how we treat others who disagree with us. Because we, as Christians, are the church and we must teach others through our actions and words every day of the week.

The church is also poised to bring people together in times when people are suffering. Whether that is during a natural disaster, or with the ongoing suffering many in our world endure. The church has always rallied people together to respond to the most vulnerable among us by supporting organizations such has World Vision. I have seen many times people who disagree politically work together to help someone in need. This is so needed in our world today and the church needs to continue to lead the way.

Some say the church has become irrelevant, but I think we need the church as much today as we ever have. We need Sunday worship to teach us how we should live in community with others we disagree with. Then, we need to take what we learn and apply it to our everyday lives. Maybe this shift could start in your youth ministry.