Creativity Sandwich


By Joel Dunn

Do you think of yourself as a creative person or… do you not think of yourself as a creative person? Whichever camp you sit in, you [Yes, YOU!] are needed for a “Creativity Sandwich”. What is a “Creativity Sandwich” one might be asking? Well it’s a Melted Ooey-Gooey, Meat-Packed, Veggie-Lover, Bread-Praising, Gluten-Free Sandwich with all of the fixings!


The beauty of sandwiches is that there are millions of different types of them; and in the same way, there are so many of us with different types of personalities. For one to create a true “Creativity Sandwich” you need all different types of toppings* [*personalities] that go into the mix. If you feel like you are just a boring Bread and Bologna sandwich then go find someone who’s like a jalapeño spread who can spice up your thought process. If you feel like you like are a Jelly sandwich and are too sweet to try new things, go find the peanut butter person to help you smooth things over when you take chances and might not come off sweet in that moment. If you are Meatball Sandwich who can push through and possibly bulldoze others, find the person who is your onion, who helps remind you their are other tastes and ideas in this sandwich.

I want to encourage you to be creative with people who aren’t exactly like you; because some of the best ideas and creativity comes from eclectic combinations – pairings and groups with big time diversity. And if you feel like you aren’t creative, I want to encourage you to find a group who can help pull out the creativity that’s inside you. Always be open and on the lookout for making new Sandwiches because you never know… it might just be the best sandwich you ever had.