An Important Note for Those Leading a 30 Hour Famine Event This Weekend


By Erin Betlej

Dear Youth Leader,

When you signed up for the 30 Hour Famine months ago you knew it was a great decision. You were even excited about it. You came up with some crazy fundraiser (that may or may not have involved a shaved head or died hair) that was super successful and excited your youth. You spent each week promoting, making sure that attendance would be great. Thousands of dollars raised, dozens of hours spent planning the actual event. Now, you are merely days away and you’re not so sure. Maybe you’ve done this before. You remember what happens in those late night hours. You know that somewhere between hour 25 and hour 27 your youth change. Your youth become aliens who are lethargic, distant, and have no interest in the activities you’ve spent hours planning. And let’s not forget about what you’re feeling: you’re hangry. Hungry and frustrated that your youth no longer have the same level of excitement they had at hour 1.

But here is the deal: you are doing a great job. Mother Teresa said, “Do small things with great love.” Fasting for 30 hours is a small thing in the grand scheme of the battle against hunger, but it is something great. Fundraising is important because it can put food on tables, but walking youth through 30 hours of fasting is a beautiful thing. Each step of the way you bring awareness to the WHY of the fast.

So here is my encouragement: First, YOU CAN DO IT! 30 hours will end. This too shall pass. Second, remember your WHY. You chose this event for a reason. Come back to that in the tough moments. These 30 hours will have a longer lasting impact on the culture of your youth group – hang onto that.

My dearest youth leader, take a deep breath, pray for patience and grace because YOU CAN DO THIS! You are a rock star, you will survive and the 30 Hour Famine is a game changer. Way to change your youth and the world!

In Christ,

A fellow Famine survivor