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Avenge Hunger



Every year, there are so many creative ways that Faminers raise funds and hunger awareness. This video, by Road to Life Church in Chesterton, IN left us laughing out loud! Vanessa, from the church, shared that every year the students have a competition.  They all create videos that raise awareness of the Famine and whoever has the most youtube hits at the end of the competition, wins!

Do you have videos from your Famine event? Share them on our Facebook page!

Team Zambia 2012


For the past two weeks, the Famine team has spent their weekends, days, and nights going through all of the applications we have received from students across the country. It was a difficult decision and after much prayer, discussion, and thought, we have chosen the team for the 2012 Study Tour. We are so excited to introduce Team Zambia 2012!!!!

Over the next year, you will hear a lot from these individuals as they share their experiences, heart, and thoughts as they act as ambassadors for the 30 Hour Famine. Thank you so much to everyone who applied this year-you are an inspiration to the Famine team and we are so humbled by each and everyone of you!

What Happened at the G8 Summit?


A few weeks ago, we asked all Faminers to support a Hunger Free world by speaking up to our national leaders at the G8 summit. Important conversations regarding foreign aid were on the schedule and we wanted to ensure that hunger was on the top of their list of priorities. The heads of state from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, U.K., and the U.S. confirmed their commitment to serving the poor and made several key decisions. World Vision remains committed to putting pressure on our national leaders to make sure firm deadlines & goals are in place about women & children’s health and nutrition worldwide.

The Whole Church



Pulling off the 30 Hour Famine is not a small undertaking. And we know that behind each event are thousands of supportive parents, fearless volunteers, and strong churches who believe their young people should know what it means to care for the poor.  Whether in the form of donations, time during the Sunday service, volunteered hours from the congregation, help with  cleaning up, or simply opening up the facilities for their young people, churches are, for many groups, the key to a successful Famine. One youth group in Valparaiso, IN recognized how blessed they were to have the force of their church behind them. Their youth pastor, Joe Wittmer,  shares a thank you to the church in this video. We loved this so much because it conveys an amazing partnership between the youth and the church & an incredible heart for the poor. We hope it will spark some creativity as you thank your churches and supporters for the roles they played in your 30 Hour Famine event.

Country Profile: Burundi


Burundi is one of the ten poorest countries in the world and has the lowest per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of any nation in the world.

Fast Facts:

  • Location: Landlocked state in central Africa, bordered by Rwanda, Tanzania and DRC
  • Area comparative: Slightly smaller than the state of Maryland
  • Language: Kirundi, French, Swahili

The First World Problems Rap


Zach Katz, youtuber and creator of The First World Problems Rap video is just a kid who likes to have fun. But his video can spark a lot of good conversation and thought.  To start:

Every 12 seconds, a child dies from hunger related issues. Makes you rethink your ‘1st world problems’, doesn’t it?

What can we do to recognize the blessings in our lives, and not these minor inconveniences?

What are we doing to fix the real problems that exist in our world?

How can we change our hearts and attitudes to serve others before ourselves?

Greenhouses & Bakeries: Your Famine Funds at Work


John, a Study Tour winner from 2010, traveled to Bolivia to see his Famine funds impacting the lives of people. Today, he shares a small glimpse into what your 30 Hour Famine funds actually do. With nearly $10 million raised each year through the 30 Hour Famine-that’s a pretty big impact-and all through the efforts of youth!

And the award goes to….


Every Famine weekend, we see so many creative videos, pictures, and ideas come through our social media channels. And we LOVE it. This Famine weekend, there were so many one of a kind moments that we thought….these deserve awards! So, we’d like to introduce you to some of our favorites from April Famine weekend, 2012!

The Most Creatively Named Cardboard Box Award goes to……USS #MAnnafromheaven by @PhilStrahm!

This weekend: make the world HungerFree


Every year, eight heads of state from around the world gather together to discuss pressing global issues and concerns. This gathering is known as the G8 Summit. These summits sometimes result in financial commitments toward pressing global needs, but more than that, they display political will and direction for global efforts to solve those problems. On [date], this year’s G8 summit will be held at Camp David in Washington DC  and will include the heads of state from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, U.K., and the U.S.

By doing the 30 Hour Famine, you are making a bold statement against hunger. This year, you can influence these decision makers. Join with us in making sure our leaders put hunger and malnutrition on the agenda for the G8 Summit next month.  We want our global leaders to believe that overcoming hunger is possible-we want them to imagine a HungerFree world. Here’s how…

Malaria: Battling the Plague of the Poor


One of the top killers worldwide, malaria is a constant threat to children-especially children who are made vulnerable by poverty & hunger. Malnourishment makes it harder for children’s bodies to fight off the symptoms of malaria, making it a deadly outcome for many. Today is World Malaria Day-and a time for reflection on how the 30 Hour Famine is giving children a fighting chance against diseases like malaria. Tom Costanza, a World Vision Videographer, has traveled the world documenting and sharing stories. Today he shares his own story about a trip to Mozambique and contracting malaria while he was there.

Read Tom’s story & learn more about malaria here.

As the second National Famine date is just days away, we ask that you continue to be in prayer for all the ways your efforts will make an impact in lives around the world & the simple solutions that save lives.