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Send funds to change lives

How to Send In Your Funds

The six steps to helping save lives

1. Find your Promotion and  Donation Toolkit

It came in the mail with your Famine Kit and includes your Group Impact Sheet, Priority Mail® envelope, and an additional prepaid envelope. Can’t find it? Email or call 1.800.7.FAMINE (1.800.732.6463).

2. Gather your students’ collection envelopes

Go through each one individually — total the checks and cash, then add what each student raised through online donations.

3. Fill out the Group Impact Sheet

Write each student’s name and donation total, and mark which rewards they earned. Need another Group Impact Sheet? Log in to download more.

4. Don’t mail cash

Cash costs more for us to process, plus it can “disappear” in the mail. Instead, give all cash donations to your church in exchange for a single check. Write your Famine account number and the word “cash” in the memo line. Make checks payable to World Vision.

5. Double-check your math and make a copy of your Group Impact Sheet

It’ll help you remember who gets what rewards when they arrive.

6. Put all checks and your original Group Impact Sheet in the Priority Mail envelope and drop it in the mail

Don’t return any other materials. Remember to keep the copy of your Group Impact Sheet for your records.

Waiting on a few IOUs? Send the funds you have now in the Priority Mail envelope and use the smaller prepaid envelope to send late donations as soon as you get them.