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Learn About The Famine

Good News About Hunger

Just how big is this Famine army of hunger-fighting students?

Your group isn’t alone in the fight against hunger. In 2015:


  • Around 130,000 students in the U.S. went hungry so that hungry kids around the world could eat.
  • These students were part of 5,148 groups that signed up to do the Famine.
  • They raised enough to help feed and care for 9,092 kids for a year.
  • Teens in 14 countries around the world did the Famine.

The Famine is about more than stomachs. In 2015:

  • Nearly 250 students made a first-time decision for Christ.
  • More than 700 students renewed their commitment to Christ.

Fewer kids are dying than ever before.

Thanks in part to efforts like the 30 Hour Famine, the number of kids who die each day because of hunger, disease, and poverty has dropped from 40,000 to 16,000 in the last two decades.

This chart is going in the right direction because of people who care.


Annual child mortality figures cited in Famine materials are taken from the most current global reports available at the time of writing. The chart above reflects officially updated figures for each year.

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