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Learn about the Famine

How World Vision Tackles Hunger

How the funds your group raises actually fight hunger


Your funds help in three ways:


  • Emergency response
  • Recovery (helping in the wake of crisis)
  • Long-term development

Over more than six decades we’ve learned that the best way to fight hunger is to give families the tools they need to put food on their own tables year-round.

Our goal for children and families is food security. That means they can be confident about where their next meal is coming from — and that they get enough nutritious food to live an active, healthy life.

Specifically, this means that the funds you raise help World Vision:


  • Teach parents improved farming techniques
  • Equip families to grow healthier, more abundant crops and livestock
  • Provide access to clean water for nutritious harvests
  • Run malnutrition centers when there’s a food crisis
  • Distribute emergency food supplies when there’s a disaster

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