30 Hour Famine - 2020

Join us on January 1, 2019

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2020 National Dates: April 24-25 or June 12-13 (or you can do it anytime!)
**  We’re excited to announce that 30 Hour Famine is going virtual! **
Just like you’re now connecting your church family virtually on Sundays, we want to help you connect your students virtually for 30 Hour Famine.You don’t need to update or change anything about your registration. All the resources you need will be coming your way by April 14th - including virtual games, discussions, and a new Leader’s Guide to combat isolation and bring your students even closer together!




Every year, hundreds of thousands of students in the U.S. and around the world unite to do the Famine. Join them, and your group will learn about hunger, raise funds to help the hungry, and then go hungry yourselves for 30 hours. Through the Famine, teens grow closer to Christ and each other -- all while helping to save the lives of hungry kids.


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