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Learn about the Famine

Is Fasting Safe?

The average person can do it, no problem.

Most people can go without food for 30 hours without any side effects. Exceptions include, but are not limited to:

• Children younger than 12 and the elderly
• Pregnant or nursing women
• People with specific medical conditions or eating disorders

If students or parents have any concerns, have them check with a doctor before participating.

The 1-2-3 of Famine fasting


Sleep lots.

Lower calorie intake means lower energy levels, so encourage teens to get a decent amount of sleep before and during Famine weekend.


Hydrate more.

Make sure that plenty of juice and water are on hand during your event to ensure proper hydration. Be tummy-friendly by avoiding acidic juices like OJ.


Go for gut-friendly foods after the fast.

Easy-to-digest foods like rice, pasta, and non-acidic fruits are best.

The upside of getting turned inside-out

When you fast, you’re in good company

In the Bible, people fasted for a lot of different reasons. Some did it to get right with God (Nehemiah 9:1). Some fasted as an act of worship (Acts 13:2) or to discern the Lord’s will (2 Chronicles 20:3). And Jesus Himself fasted to get ready for His public ministry (Matthew 4:2).

“My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me . . .”
—John 4:34 (NIV)

Fasting can bring you closer to Christ

Fasting helps break through the clutter of our noisy world — so students can focus their thoughts and prayers on what really matters to God.

Experience is the best teacher

Students will literally get a taste of what life is like for the hungry kids they’re helping. Though the hunger pangs they’ll feel are less extreme, fasting will help students better identify with the reality faced by those in need.

Fasting helps students bond in a big way

Tackling a big challenge like the Famine breaks down walls and unites students. (Nothing melts cliques like having something in common — like feeling a gaping hole in your stomach for 30 hours!)

Creative fasting alternatives


Go without TV, the Internet, cellphones, video games, movies, etc. for a defined amount of time (except for online Famine fundraising . . . that’s still on the menu!).

Single serving

Eat a single serving of rice or beans from a Dixie cup to get a perspective on what “portion control” means to those in extreme poverty.

The “ONE”

What’s that one awesome food you just can’t live without? Chocolate? Chips? Fast food? Live without it for a specific amount of time and put the money you would’ve spent toward helping hungry kids (along with your regular fundraising).

Skip it

Skip a meal or two rather than going the full 30 hours. Again, put the money you would’ve spent toward your fundraising goal.