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Our Partners

Our Partners

Thank you to our partners!

“Instigating a Revolution in Youth Ministry”

The Youth Cartel’s mission is to encourage and challenge adults who minister to youth through holistic professional coaching, strategic consulting, transformational events, and inventive resource development that advance youth ministry in new ways.

“I’ve been a fan of World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine for a long, long time. In fact, I participated in what was then called the ‘planned famine’ when I was a teenager myself,” says Mark Oestreicher, partner in The Youth Cartel.

“I’m feeling downright bullish about the next chapter of the 30 Hour Famine . . . [and] I’m truly pumped to both be partnering with them, and to see what will develop in famine-land over the next year or two.”

World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine has selected Uth Stuph as the official outfitter for 30 Hour Famine t-shirts and other essential Famine wear.  Uth Stuph (pronounced youth stuff) is a leading custom Christian t-shirt company serving youth groups, churches, ministries, camps, mission teams, conference planners, bands and other faith-based organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Uth Stuph has distinguish themselves from local screen printers and other online t-shirt companies through thousands of fully customizable themed templates, legendary original art, awesome apparel options, fast turnaround and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you are down the street or across the country, wow your group with unique custom tees from Uth Stuph.

What makes Uth Stuph even more awesome is the great – Buy One, GIVE One.  When you order t-shirts for your 30 Hour Famine, Uth Stuph will donate a t-shirt* for a child in need through World Vision!   (* the t-shirt has a minimum retail value of $10).  Check out Uth Stuph and the online store today!


“We at the Fuller Youth Institute are thrilled to partner with the 30 Hour Famine team this year to bring a Sticky Faith flavor to your Famine experience. Through our research we’ve learned more about factors that help young people develop the lifelong faith they need.”

Kara Powell, Executive Director, Fuller Youth Institute and Brad Griffin, Associate Director, Fuller Youth Institute