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Do The Event – Go Hungry For 30 Hours

Famine Event Activities

So you’re about to spend 30 hours with a bunch of hungry teenagers . . .
we’ve got you covered on Famine weekend, from beginning to end.

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Activity ideas
Plan a variety of activities to pack your 30 hours with meaningful moments. From the classic cardboard village campout to the infamous “Fam cam,” it’ll be hard to choose what NOT to do with your group.

Event schedule
What do you DO for 30 hours? We’ve got a hour-by-hour schedule to keep your group going strong. Customize it to best fit your group dynamic.

Trek Challenges: Africa
Trek Challenges: Africa is different than past 30 Hour Famine challenges you may have taken part in. The FREE educational (and super-fun) youth ministry game resource will help your group make the most of your Famine. We hope you enjoy Trek Challenges: Africa, and that you leave with a new perspective about what it means to love your neighbor: Let the games begin!

Service projects
While fundraising to help kids around the world, show your students how they can give back locally through community service. We’ve got loads of leader-tested favorites for you!

Break-your-fast ideas
When your 30 hours are up, there’s more than one way to break the fast. Try one of our “emergency therapeutic food” recipes for a truly authentic experience, or go deep with our “ticket to eat” reflection activity.