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send funds to change lives

Top 4 Reasons

to send in your Famine funds


1. To save kids’ lives.

This is the beating heart of the Famine. The money you’ve raised might give a starving child a second chance through one of our emergency clinics. Teach a mom the right kind of food to give her toddler. Give a farmer better tools and seeds. Provide a water pump to irrigate fields. This list goes on . . . and you get to be the catalyst — by turning in your funds!

2. For the love of multiplication.

World Vision has been awarded a number of food grants that will multiply the impact of your funds, but they have end dates. Don’t miss out on making your efforts go further!

3. Like milk, checks go bad.

Banks won’t accept checks older than six months. Consider this a weird piece of trivia you can dazzle your friends with. Either way, send in your funds as soon as possible to avoid this problem.

4. To get sweet rewards.

You’ll receive this FREE T-shirt (exclusively for Famine leaders) that’s so cool people will think you paid for it. Wear it whenever you want unsolicited compliments on your impeccable fashion sense. Go see other Famine rewards.