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Resources to plan your Famine

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  • Videos
  • Poverty Simulation
  • Trek Challenges
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Famine funds checklist
  • Event schedule
  • Activity/game ideas
  • Break-your-fast-ideas
  • Famine trivia
  • Famine talking points
  • Church bulletins
  • PowerPoint announcement slides and more!

Poverty Simulation


Bakhita’s Story


Online fundraising — revamped and more user-friendly than ever!

How it works: 1. Log in or sign up to access your online fundraising page. Call 1.800.7.FAMINE (1.800.732.6463) if you need assistance. 2. Customize your page with your group’s story. Include your big goal, your group’s motivation for doing the Famine, and a little bio about you and your students. “Many students will copy the picture you post as their own status or [tweet] your quote on Twitter,” suggests Sean Garner, a youth leader from Pennsylvania. 3. Invite students to join your team and set up their fundraising pages. Have them personalize their pages with their individual goals, photos, and a quick “Why I’m going without food for 30 hours” statement. Cool new feature! Turn on text alerts to receive notifications when people give, so you can instantly thank them!

Fun incentive for students: When they get their first online donation of $40 or more, we’ll send them this FREE sticker.